Welcome to the World of the Gekkards

Hi friends. Welcome to gekkards.com. I recently took down my old site due to the rising costs of my web host. We launched that website on 11.11.11 and it was a great resource for the Gekkards over the years, but we are making some changes in 2017 and I wanted to ​​​​​answer some of your questions about the future of the Gekkards and my work. Please excuse this temporary page until we figure things out. 

Yes. I plan to continue creating new artwork for the Gekkards. I have a number of new pieces well under way at the moment. 
Yes. I will continue to offer my art work for sale at shows and online. Although our online store is no longer up, we are consdering several options for the future of our online sales and will let you know once we set it up. In the meantime, just contact me if you want something. I can ship it out quickly. 

Yes. I will be participating in future art shows. As of right now, I have several art shows booked thru May and I am waiting for jury decisions on a number of summer and falls shows. I will post my show schedule on the site soon. 

Please feel free to keep up with me on Facebook & Instagram. The links are below. My facebook page is all about the Gekkards. My instagram page contains the Gekkards, but also posts of my art outside of the Gekkards and my mountain biking adventures.